$1.30 per million

$0.80 per million


Join our Live Chat

After placing your order via paypal, please join our live chat and give our agent the transaction ID from your paypal summary.

If order via G2A please give our agent your Order ID.


Arrange Delivery

Once our agent has checked your order they will arrange a delivery location in game.

Please go to the location given and only trade the account that our agent specifies.


Collect Your RS Gold

When you trade the account our agent specifies, you will be traded the quantity of RS Gold you have purchased.

Warning: Once you have received the gold we will never ask for it back. Please block any player who pretends to be us and is asking for the gold back.

About us

The founders of RS Gold Stock have been actively involved in Runescape gold trading since 2011.

RSGoldStock.com was originally launched as part of Dutch Digital Internet Services in 2015.

Now 3 years on we are a global team backed by the United Kingdom, United States, and China.

The people behind RS Gold Stock have been involved in real world trading since 2011. RSGoldStock.com was first launched in August 2015. We have handled trillions of runescape gold and have done business with tens of thousands of customers.

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