OSRS Crafting Guide – RuneScape Skill Training

Old School Runescape allows players to progress in the game by improving their character’s skill set. One of the best-known skills to level in the game is crafting.

What is Crafting in OSRS?

Crafting is a type of OSRS skill that gives you the ability to create various things in Gielinor including jewelry, armor, pottery, and many other OSRS items that can be used for trading or other purposes that you might prefer to do.

Jagex, the developer and creator of RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape, had added a guide for crafting that you can use when you reach level 40 and above. It is located in the northwest of Remington.

In OSRS, there are different types of crafting like pottery crafting, jewellery crafting, leather crafting, and many more.

Jewelry OSRS Crafting

Jewelry crafting includes crafting of various materials that include silver crafting, OSRS gold crafting, and few more. You can do the silver crafting and make money with the help of the cutting process.

You need an assortment of gems like semi-precious gems that will assist you to get various silver jewelry items. These items can be traded or used in the game. You can take these items and get a good amount because they can be expensive.

Just like silver crafting, gold crafting is also done by cutting different gems in RuneScape. But for gold crafting, you will need a different kind of gem. You can get these gems by a process known as Mining in RuneScape.

Some monsters in Gielinor usually drop these gems in the game. Or the player may also get these gems from random events run by the developer every once in a while.

Furthermore, you can also buy OSRS gold from a reputable RS gold seller.

Leather OSRS Crafting

Leather crafting requires you to have various items to start. As a RuneScape player, you will need a thread and a needle item to start the leather crafting. 

You can get needles, thread, and various other items from the Rimmington or Al-Kharid crafting shop located in Gielinor. You need a single coin for ordinary leather.  To create hard leather you will need to have three coins. Meanwhile, for the dragonhide, you will need 20 coins. 

There are different other expensive tannery available in the game. One of the most famous locations for leather crafters is the cattle field, which is located at the east of Lumbridge. 

Another place you can get the cowhide is the west of Remington where dozens of cows are located in such a small location. Here you can kill as many cows as you can to get material for your crafting process.

Hopefully, this OSRS crafting guide will help you level up this skill and allow you to earn your crafting skill cape.