OSRS F2P Money Making Guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed already after you finished training in Tutorial Island?

Don’t worry, most RuneScape beginners also felt what you are feeling now. Looking at the prices of the items for sale in the Grand Exchange, you’re wondering how will you be able to get to your first million OSRS gold to purchase this high-tier item you have your eyes on.

In this OSRS money making guide for F2P players, we will help you make more OSRS gold as a beginner through these skilling methods.

3 Ways To Make More OSRS Gold

Whether you’re a new or a veteran RS player, you will eventually find yourself doing the same tasks for hours on end just to make money. Ripping your hair out as you try to pickpocket the Master Farmer for the 200th time in the past few hours, only to be too worn out to carry on. There is a silver lining when it comes to leveling up your OSRS skills and that is the amount of gold you can make while doing so. The great thing about skilling for runescape GP is that a lot of methods are very AFK friendly, meaning you don’t have to spend much time in front of your mobile screen or computer screen.

Mining Iron Ore

Most OSRS players mine Iron Ore as a power leveling method. Do not miss you chance of making gold while doing this skilling method. Unfortunately, F2P OSRS members are limited to certain spots compared to RuneScape Members. That being said, we suggest to F2P members to mine at the West or East Varrock Mine. The best banks will be located at the Varrock East Bank and the Varrock West Bank. The next best location to mine is at Al Kharid, a total of four Iron Ores can be found there along with a nearby bank which is located near the Duel Arena.

Cutting Oak Trees

Woodcutting in OSRS is still a great skill to make money of. Cutting down oak trees around Gielinor will require level 15 Woodcutting. However, you will only need to cut down around 100 normal trees to reach this level. If you’re looking to AFK then we highly recommend this money-making method. The best location to chop oak trees is in the Draynor Village. There will be an oak tree east of the Draynor Village bank. 

Smithing Iron Bars

Upon reaching level 15 smithing that is easily obtainable by completing The Knight’s Sword quest, you will be able to smelt Iron Ore. Acquiring a Ring of forging, you will be guaranteed an Iron bar every time you do so. You will want to choose a furnace which is the closest to a bank so you can easily sell your iron bars. For F2p members, the most ideal furnace is located at Edgeville. Iron bars are always in high demand, making this method great for starting players who want to acquire OSRS Gold fast and easy.