Regicide Quest Line

He’ll refuse to think your identity without proof, so head back to Iorwerth, that will provide you his pendant. Return to the tracker, who will continue to whine and allow you to do his job for him. Go into the camp and try to input Tyras’ ex-tent.
Watch key words for an”edit” link when available. If you run out of coal, then your progress will be spared. This means you don’t have to re-set the pressure or re-add coal into it.
Learn more about How To Level Up Herblore Training In OSRS here. Head into the underground pass, including all the items you attracted for the Underground Pass quest. Head round the swamp, talk to Koftik to be given a damp cloth. Apply in an arrow, then light it on fire. Fire in the guide rope to make the bridge collapse. Now head east, then north-east, then east again, and you will soon come to a patch of leaves.
Go back to Iorwerth and receive a pendant and go back to the tracker and then reveal the pendant. If you haven’t brought your own cooked bunny, you can kill you northwest of this elf tracker and then cook it. Use the strip of cloth to the Barrel bomb to generate a Barrel bomb. Insert 2 coal, and then 1 additional coal if the heat judge drops too low .Don’t spam click the”add coal” button.
Regicide OSRS Quest
If you trigger them, you will take damage, and also be temporarily poisoned. Carefully measure over the tripwire, then go through the dense woods. Head north-west until you arrive in a catapult. Proceed past the well, and throughout the skull doorways. Head west, across the border of the gaping chasm, until you reach the north-western corner of the cavern.
Keep on walkingand you’ll shortly visit a bluish hill with some blue mushrooms on it. As soon as you are at the Temple of Iban, walk straight in, and climb down the well (Picture – Picture). Follow the cave, and you’ll visit an exit.