Runescape Troll Quest

Death Plateau osrs quest
To Begin the Troll Romance OSRS quest, speak to Ug who resides in the Troll Stronghold.
Always check here first for a guide before you have a look about the OSRS wiki. If you follow this exact quest order, you will be questing in the most efficient manner possible in Oldschool Runescape. This is best guide demonstrates how to quest in osrs with the least amount of skilling/grinding. Questing may be a little bit of a drag when you are starting new, too figuring out the most efficient order is annoying that’s why we created this guide.
Your rewards for completing this quest are just 1 quest point, a very respectable 3,000 attack experience, steel claws, and the ability to make claws. Furthermore, you can also be able to buy climbing boots from Tenzing that the Sherpa whenever you prefer. For the fourth part of the quest guide, all you’ll need is just 1 free inventory space. To start, exit the castle and head north west, towards the Death Plateau. You will finally find Saba’s cave, from which you need to enter it.
Request him to fix the boots of Tenzing but he will refuse to do so as Tenzing didn’t pay him the last moment. Pay the amount on Tenzing’s benefit and he will resolve the boots and will ask you to assist his son joining the military. Start a conversation with Denulth in Burthorpe, ask him if he has any quest for you. He will tell you trolls have camped on the Death Plateau and they’re attacking us. Help us to find another way to the Death Plateau and also find out the lock mix that the Imperial guard has lost.
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